spring 2017

STEAM/Computer-Generated (Digital) Art/The Maker Movement

Presented by Gail Harrison Roman, Ph.D.

The Rye Arts Center announces a change in name for its long-standing, popular program “Famous Artists.” Going forward, the program will be known as “LOOK!,” which will continue to focus on individuals and groups of artists as well as on a variety of mediums and aesthetics. The presentations will be enhanced by an examination of how artists employ and interpret the techniques and principles of art production, especially in today’s world. Emerging artists – as well as “famous” ones will be considered, as will different mediums and forms of design, including textile arts, printmaking, and digital arts.

As with the Famous Artists Program, “LOOK!” will continue to focus on training parents to be classroom docents and the cost will remain the same: $250 per semester (per school.) For the first time, the program will also be open to educators with a one-time introductory offer of $75 per semester (schools do not need to participate).

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This program is sponsored, in part, by: